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Gearhead Alerts on Trials Guru

A good friend of Trials Guru website is American super-enthusiast, Jon Stoodley of JSE Trials in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA.

Jon has been an active competitor in trials for many years, but that is not all he has achieved, having been a drag-racer and raced in motocross, he has a rounded knowledge of the sport and is also an accomplished engineer and engine and chassis builder.

His now famous ‘Letter from America‘ which he published on Trials Guru in 2017 is a true dedication to the sport of trials, but we thought he was able to contribute much more!

He has, for many years, produced technical articles and tips for a variety of American magazines and clubs, so we thought he may share these with Trials Guru readers and he has agreed to do so.

Here is the link to take you to:

Stoodley’s Gearhead Alerts

Farewell to Felipe Koberg

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Costa Rican trials super-enthusiast, Felipe Koberg after a short battle with cancer.

Felipe is the only Costa Rican rider to have completed the course at the Scottish Six Days Trial in 2019 and was known with his fellow countrymen by their taking part in the Sunday parade dressed in Dinosaur suits to promote their Jurassic Three Day Trial in Central America.

Felipe was the driving force in the promotion of the Costa Rica event and he enlisted the help of SSDT Spanish Ambassador, Carlos Casas to help plan the route and section design.

Felipe Koberg on Leanachen during the Scottish Six Days Trial – Photo: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven

Trials Guru’s John Moffat said: “Felipe was a true enthusiast of trials, he was so excited about riding the Scottish Six Days Trial and of course the subsequent organisation of his brainchild three day event in his home country. He was always willing to be interviewed live on Nevis Radio during SSDT week and his love of the sport was simply endless. Felipe was such a friendly man, his enthusiasm was truly infectious. He will be sorely missed by all who got to know him at Fort William and in the wider trials world. Felipe was a great family man and I send my sincere condolences to his relatives at this very difficult time.”

(Photos courtesy of Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven)

Words of gratitude from Felipe Koberg’s Mother 07/11/2020:

“Dear friends and friends of my son Felipe Koberg, family, doctors who cared for him, paramedical staff, employees, people who knew and estimated him, people who prayed for him.

With my deepest gratitude, I wish to send each and every one a very special blessing of Love, Faith, Joy, Health and Prosperity, extended to their respective families.

I thank God for giving my son Felipe the gift of meeting them. He was a truly amazing person in the different aspects of his life. I firmly believe that what determined the course of his life was the fact that he received, at the age of 6, our Lord Jesus Christ in his heart, and so also, Christening in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Scriptures tell us, in The New Testament, that in order to appropriate, on a personal level, the work of Christ Jesus, we must have a personal encounter with Him and, right away, receive the fullness of Him Holy Spirit, for it is He who us Power to live a victorious life, ′′ despite what may happen at different times throughout our lives “. This reality greatly facilitated Max, his dad, and me, his mother, his training. And at this point, I wish to mention, with great gratitude, Mr. Otto Silesky’s role as Director of the Institute of Comprehensive Education. A very special greeting to him.I ask the Most High God for his protection continues for each and every one as well as for each member of their respective families And it’s like this, how, trusting that one day you can meet again, I say goodbye to you with a hug full of affection from the depths of my heart.

Ana Luisa Marenco Dominguez

Memories of a schoolboy

Exclusively on Trials Guru, Welsh trials and scrambles enthusiast and competitor, Mike Davies was sharing some of his sixty year old photos on social media recently.

He now has a permanent home for his images here on Trials Guru for posterity. It’s what we do. He has entrusted his photos to the website that is ‘Dedicated To The Sport’ on a not for profit basis.

As always the images remain the property of Mike and they are his property, so please repsect that. They show the British Experts trial of 1960 and will be added to over time to include some really nice scrambling photos and a few road racing.

A Trials Guru page devoted to Mike’s handiwork as a schoolboy attending events.

If you would like your old photos featured, contact us at Trials Guru.

Mike Davies’ page is HERE

Celebrating the Scott

With the cancellation of the oldest trial in the world which was planned by the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd for Saturday, 17th October, Trials Guru has decided to run this special tribute to the hardest and fastest of all one day national trials.

Only interrupted by world wars and the 2001 Foot & Mouth outbreak, the Scott Trial fell foul of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The organisers made the right decision to cancel the event which would have been a compromise situation. First and foremost, the consideration of the safety of the local community and the landowners was paramount.

Let us take a look back at recent and not so recent Scott Trials with the help of some of our friends, which include John Hulme of Trial Magazine, Nigel Pearson/Trials UK Media; Eric Kitchen, Blackie Holden IV; Barry Robinson, Mrs Ros Brown and Mrs Theresa Roads, plus of course the officials and riders who make the Scott Trial such a memorable annual event.

We sincerely hope that the Scott Trial will return in 2021…

… The atmosphere on the start field, provided by the local Wallis family for many years. The aroma of fresh bacon rolls fills the air on a crisp October morning!

Jack Price (Gas Gas), 2017
Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) 2017

The late Councellor, John Blackie, an enthusiastic supporter of the Scott Trial and Official Starter for many years.

Former Scott Trial winner, Sammy Miller MBE and Nick Jefferies spotted at the Centenary 2014 event – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

The tension at the start line…

Scotsman, Gordon Murray from Evanton on his 300 Beta at the 2017 start line

Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas) 2014 watched by former winner Sammy Miller, these two men share the same birth date! – Photo: Mrs Ros Brown, Richmond

The 1967 Scott Trial in Yorkshire, winner Sammy Miller (105, EAA60D) about to pass a slower competitor to take the win – Photo courtesy and copyright: Blackburn Holden IV

The organisation for the Scott Trial is extensive each year

Each year the official programme raises money for the Scott Charities

The 2016 Scott Trial Charity Team (203) who rode to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer sufferers. From the left: Barry Roads; Kevin Hart; Ray Haslam; Roger Johns and Paul Anstey – Photo: Mrs. Theresa Roads.

1971 Scott Trial at ‘Orgate Splash’ followed by Malcolm Dennis – Photo: Rob Edwards Private Collection

Orgate is still used, here we see Andrew Anderson in 2017 on his Scorpa

The Scott has a long and enviable history, much oif it was displayed at the Centenary trial in 2014 – Photo: John Hulme/Trials Media/Trial Magazine UK

… The ‘Lampkin’ Connection – All three Lampkin brothers, Arthur (A.J.), Alan (A.R.C) and Martin (H.M) have won the prestigeous Scott Trial in their riding careers…

Martin Lampkin (SWM) during his winning Scott Trial ride in 1982 – Photo: Copyright, Barry Robinson

A.J. Lampkin and the late H.M Lampkin in conversation with Trials Guru’s John Moffat at the Scott Trial dinner in 2014 – Photo: John Hulme.

H. Martin Lampkin in 1978 on ‘Surrender’ – Photo Copyright, Studio Six Creative/Andrew Moorhouse.

Scott Trial action from 1966 winner, Alan ‘Sid’ Lampkin in 1974 – Photo: Alan Lampkin Archive.

Scott Trial winner in 1974 on his factory 247 Montesa was the late Rob Edwards – Photo Copyright: Eric Kitchen

Rob Edwards looks pleased with himself at winning in 1974, congratulated by Mrs Marjory Rathmell, mother of Malcolm – Photo courtesy of the Rob Edwards Collection and the estate of the late Rob Edwards

Dougie Lampkin carried on the Lampkin connection by winning the Scott Trial multiple times – Photo: John Hulme

Fastest rider in 2011 and again in 2014, John R. Sunter (Montesa) at the finish in 2017 – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Winners all at the Centenary Scott Trial Dinner at the Ripon Spa Hotel in 2014 – Philip Alderson; Gerald Richardson; Rob Edwards; Jonathan Richardson; Nigel Birkett; Alan Lampkin; Dougie Lampkin; Martin Lampkin – Photo: John Moffat/Trials Guru

To the winners, the spoils!

Ian Austermuhle, a popular winner of the Scott Trial 2015, interviewed by Trials Guru representative, John Moffat – Photo copyright: John Hulme, Trial Magazine UK

2014 winner, James Dabill (Beta) with Trials Guru’s John Moffat – Photo: Nigel Pearson/Trials UK Media

The spirit of the Scott – Phil Alderson in action, a previous winner – Photo: John Hulme/trial Magazine

For more Scott Trial on Trials Guru, jump to the Scott Trial Section:


Enthusiasts get behind TMX News

STOP PRESS! – TMX is back on November 5th, 2020!

After some ‘loose talk’ on social media sites, trials enthusiasts in the UK have been voicing their support for a return of the popular weekly off-road motorcycling newspaper, Trials & Motocross News, or ‘TMX’ as it is known.

Founded in 1977 by Editor, Bill Lawless in the North-West of England, TMX was released to the public one week after the Scottish Six Days Trial had been run in May 1977. The paper just missed covering the event by six days and had remained a weekly publication up until April this year when the staff was furloughed by JPI Media, who owns the title, following the cessation of Johnston Press Group in 2018. Issue number one appeared on Friday 20th May 1977 at the cover price of £0.15!

Much speculation has been aired on social media, in some cases by individuals who have a vested interest in TMX’s demise.

No statement of cessation of TMX has been released to the press or confirmed on social media or the papers own website which means that such comments are unfounded and purely speculation.

North-West trials rider, Gary Bingley from Carlisle was vocal in his support for TMX on the social media ‘facebook’ and was careful to point out the support that the currently beleaguered paper had given to all branches of off-road motorcycle sport for five decades.

The paper’s demise is at present pure speculation and given that the UK Government’s furlough scheme is set to end later in October 2020, it will be interesting to see if TMX News is relaunched by it’s owners and confound the pundits.

Trials Guru website supports the cause of other established papers and websites who promote the sport of motorcycling. Never was the intention to compete with TMX ever in the plans of Trials Guru, which is a non-commercial website, dedicated to the sport.

We at Trials Guru are hopeful that TMX will be once again on the paper stands and available by subscription in the very near future.

Alan Morewood’s final section

Words: Trials Guru

Photos: Malcolm Carling; Eric Kitchen; Iain Lawrie

It is with sadness that we have to report on the passing of yet another well-known trials rider and sidecar driver, C. Alan Morewood from Sheffield on 24th August 2020 after a long illness.

The name Morewood always seemed to be associated with Ariel and indeed he was one of the very last riders to compete in the Scottish Six Days Trial on an HT500, way back in 1976 when the Selly Oak machines had long become museum pieces and their resurrenction in Pre’65 events was still five years distant. The last recorded ‘finisher’ on an Ariel was Scot, Ernie Page the very same year.

Alan Morewood on his 500cc Ariel in the 1984 Pre’65 Scottish Trial at Kinlochleven – Photo Copyright: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven.

Alan’s first SSDT ride was in 1957 on an Ariel and was awarded the famous P.S. Chamberlain Challenge Trophy for best first timer. He was entered under the Ilkeston & District MCC. Alan was also a noteable sidecar driver, sometimes accompanied by his wife, Merle, they had two trials riding sons, Robin and David.

The Morewoods were long-time members of Sheffield and Hallamshire MCC and both Alan and his wife spent many seasons following the FIM World Trials series, their motorhome becoming a fixture in the paddocks across Europe.

Terry’s Dalesman Manx win

Words: Nigel Megson

Fifty years ago, the Manx National Two Day trial was held on Saturday 29th August and Sunday 30th August 1970.

The solo trial had two hundred and one starters and was over two circular routes that started at 8.15am from the famous TT Grandstand.

The Saturday route traversed the south of the Island and had thirty-four sections  and the Sunday route went over the North of the island and also had the same number of sections.

On paper, the favourite looked to be Gordon Farley who had travelled all the way from Kent and who would be riding his works supported 250cc Montesa Cota. He would be up against Expert riders from West and South Yorkshire, many of whom were riding ‘mini’ 125cc bikes. Riding numbers probably favoured the top runners, who were starting from the middle of the field as the riding order was reversed for the Sunday.

Dave Thorpe on the 250cc OSSA ‘Pennine’ was riding number 68, Terry Wright on his Dalesman was riding number 92, Gordon Farley with number 126, Gerald Rathmell on the works 125cc Sprite with number 142, Jim Sandiford on a 250 Bultaco 66, Paul England on a 125cc Dalesman, number 160, a young Nick Jefferies was number 75 on the ex factory Triumph Tiger Cub, next to the popular Stan Cordingley on a 250cc Bultaco, who finished in 8th place on 24 marks, riding number 76.

Notable absentees from the event included Alan ‘Sid’ Lampkin who was riding a 400cc Husqvarna at the Bucks Grand National down at Brill, whilst Malcom Rathmell and Martin Lampkin were riding their Moto-Cross bikes in a Craven club scramble. Several other top riders included Ian Haydon, Derek Adsett and Rob Edwards.  

John Hemingway and Scott Ellis were riding in the Clayton Trophy Trial in Wales.

On the Saturday, Dave Thorpe had a good steady ride losing three marks, Terry Wright on his Dalesman lost five on the slippery hill at Billown and Gordon Farley finished up losing nine including , in what for him,  must have been a disastrous day with a maximum at Poylvaaish and several dabs at the Arragon River.

On the Sunday, Dave Thorpe went pretty much to pieces losing thirteen marks whilst Gordon Farley had the best ride of the day losing four marks. Terry Wright suffered a five on the vicious sections at ‘Tholt-Y-Wil’, but he did retain his composure and nerve for the rest of the event including the ultra steep rock climb at Sartfell Park.

The final results of the trial were:

1st  Terry Wright  125cc Dalesman.  10 marks                  

2nd Gordon Farley  250cc Montesa.  13   

3rd Dave Thorpe  250cc Ossa.  16                            

4th Paul  England  125cc Dalesman.         17

5th Gerald Rathmell  125cc Sach Sprite.  20

6th Jim Sandiford  250cc Bultaco.              22

The team prize went to Wetherby ‘A’ which comprised Terry Wright, Gerald Rathmell and John ‘Killer’ Kendrew  (who finished in 9th place on 24 marks)

A fantastic result for the popular Yorkshireman Terry Wright giving the Dalesman concern possibly their first and only ‘National’ win .

Fair bet that it was a good party that night!

(Front cover of 1970 programme by kind permission IOM Centre ACU)

Robregordo 2020 Goes ahead

The annual Two Day Robregordo trial takes place in Madrid County, Spain on 5/6 October this year, but with Covid-19 restrictions.

The trial is restricted to Spanish national and local riders only as the country fights the pandemic coronavirus.

Organised by the Sotobike club, the event usually attracts an international line up, but for the first time in the events history it has had to restrict the entry.

12 sections over two laps each day will be held.

BKS Remembered

Fifty years ago, Barry Kefford built and rode a lightweight sidecar outfit which spawned many sidecars to be produced for the chairmen of trials. The BKS chair was the piece of kit to have in the 1970s.

Here are two photos supplied by Barry’s passenger of the era, Geoff Bridgwater who is a Trials Guru website reader.

Taken at the Beggar’s Roost trial in 1970 in which they won the sidecar class on gtheir BSA Victor powered outfit with the innovative narrow, light weight sidecar and the 1969 trial at Hawkstone Park.