Steve Saunders – On Trial


The well respected ex-works Honda; Fantic rider; World round winner and ten times British Champion, Steve Saunders has launched a new comprehensive trials book entitled: ‘On Trial’ – A Complete Guide to the Sport of Motorcycle Trials.

He has worked closely with trials literature specialist John Hulme of Yoomee bringing you a full size A4 semi-hardback book covering all aspects of the sport. Nine chapters of text, supported by a superb selection of over three hundred images in one hundred and thirty pages from the classic days through to 2013. All aspects of the sport are covered including:

1 – History
2 – Machines
3 –
4 –
5 –
6 –
 Getting Started
7 –
 How to Ride
8 –
9 –

Steve Saunders: “I have wanted to produce the book for many years and my first choice was with John Hulme and his company Yoomee. In the book you can learn the history of the sport and reading though the chapters understand the machines, what clothing to wear, how to transport the machine, maintain it, how to get started, techniques in the hazards and I finish off with a look at my career and the special events such as the World and British championships, the Scottish Six Days and Scott trials as well as the Ladies and Youth areas of the sport”.

The book is one you will want to read time after time on the sport of motorcycle trials and is aimed at the complete beginner through to the more experienced rider.

To order this book, click this link:

Trials News – Northern Ireland – Lego Live Super Trial

Mototrial - NI

Trials bike rider Andy Perry preparing to compete in the Lego Live Bike Competition which will take place this Easter Monday, April 21st at The McKee Clock Arena, Bangor.
Andy Perry – NI Trials Champion (Sherco)

Lego Live SuperTrial – Easter Monday…

This Easter Monday, April 21st, The McKee Clock Arena, Bangor, will play host to a special one-off motorbike competition guaranteed to thrill and entertain young and old alike! The Lego Live Show will feature eight of Ireland’s best trials riders who will compete over a challenging course of giant colourful Lego pieces in this specially designed, brightly coloured, arena show. Be prepared to be thrilled as these talented bikers showcase their amazing skills and perform some breath-taking stunts and manoeuvres! Starting at 11am, this spectacular show is not to be missed.

There are plenty of other activities happening around the Town too; a Giant Slinkies show will take place in The Sunken Garden alongside a special official Lego workshop, where children can come along and help build a mosaic of an iconic Bangor image.

On The Promenade, Bangor & Holywood Town Centre Management in partnership with North Down Borough Council will be hosting a Spring Fair where an array of local crafts and speciality foods will be available. Take the time to have a browse in this picturesque setting.

At 3pm over 200 children and young people from local youth and dance groups across North Down will take part in the spectacular Buttercup Carnival Parade. The parade will have a distinctly different feel this year and will be a celebration of Bangor and the surrounding areas with a lively Spring theme. Look out for giant buttercups, butterflies and ladybirds, dance groups, live music, a Pickie Swan, boats and lots of other surprises! There will also be a “Lucky Buttercup Competition” taking place with lots of opportunities to win some exciting prizes from local retailers like The Flagship Centre, Easons, The Sports & Fashion Outlet, Pickie Fun Park and many more. 

This year, The Parade will be led by the The Mayor of North Down, Councillor Andrew Muir who will be travelling in a very colourful rickshaw.  The Parade’s route will start at The Town Hall, then onto Main Street, along Quay Street, turning into High Street and making its way back up Main Street to The Town Hall – an extravaganza not to be missed.

Also, on Easter Monday, North Down Museum will be holding its annual Easter Egg Hunt from 11am – 1pm (cost £1) and there will be live music in Coffee Cure with “The Woodworms.”

There’s plenty happening at Project 24 over the Easter weekend too with the rescheduled “Out Of The Shadows” event which will take place from the April 18th – 21st.

Pickie Fun Park will also be open all day with lots to do and see, take a ride on a swan, play in the play park or just have a coffee and relax in the refurbished café.

So come on down to Bangor with your family and friends this Easter for lots of family fun!

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Monday 5th to Saturday 10th May.

Nevis Radio, Fort William will be in the Parc Ferme for the 2014 Scottish Six Days Trial. With Morning Show presenter David Ogg (The Oggster) and Guest SSDT Presenter ‘The Moffster’ (aka John Moffat) From 07:00 to 11:00 GMT every morning during SSDT week.


The SSDT Morning Programme is sponsored by ‘Michelin Competition Tyres’ and ‘Trial Magazine’, bringing you news, views and rider interviews as it happens – daily. Nevis Radio is the only radio station to bring you the action from down-town Fort William during the Scottish. Tune in to: 96.6; 102.3 -102.4 FM or ‘Listen online’ 

John Moffat & David Ogg – your Nevis Radio OB Team at the SSDT 2014.



The SCOTT TRIAL – SCOTT 100 – 18 October 2014

The Scott Trial, for those who don’t know, is held near Reeth in Yorkshire, England by the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd. A competition run over a moorland course of approximately 70-75 miles, consisting of one lap. It is the most challenging of one-day trial events in the UK, possibly the world, its appeal is universal to both club riders and international professionals.

David Tye Scott Trial 1954David Tye on his factory BSA in the 1954 Scott Trial – Photo: Ray Biddle, Birmingham, England.

Annually this event raises a size-able amount of funds for the ‘Scott Charities’, a range of local charitable associations and trusts which helps local communities. Much of the funding comes from an auction at the presentation of awards on the Saturday evening.

Doug Lampkin 2013 Scott
2013 Scott Trial winner: Doug Lampkin (Gas Gas) – Photo copyright: Neil Sturgeon, Darlington, England.

The event itself began in 1914 when Alfred A. Scott who manufactured ‘Scott’ motorcycles in the town of Shipley, set up a test of his products ridden by workers at his factory. It was a  reliability trial event to help publicise and prove his machines to the buying public. Of the 14 competitors who entered only 9 completed the course. The First World war intervened, but it was re-started in 1919 and continued by the Scott factory until 1926 when it was taken under the control of the Bradford & District MC. The trial was based near Harrogate at a village called Blubberhouses, then moved again to Swainby in Cleveland, not too far from where it is based today. The event organisation passed to the Middlesbrough and Stockton Motorcycle Clubs.

Emma Bristow 2013 Scott
Emma Bristow (Sherco) in the 2013 Scott Trial – Photo copyright: Neil Sturgeon, Darlington, England.

From 1950 the Scott moved again to Swaledale where it has remained until the present day and it is held within the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Prior to Richmond taking over the reins in 1990, the Darlington & District Motor Club had organised the Scott. But throughout it’s history the event maintained its stature as the ultimate test of man and machine against the elements and course not just on observation but on reliability and against the clock. Scott competitors are always conscious of the clock ticking on as they traverse the moors of North Yorkshire. There are several re-fueling stops along the way, staffed by teams of enthusiastic volunteers not just from the Richmond Club but by people that are happy to be part of this great event.

Philip Alderson 2013 Scott
Local man Philip Alderson has won the Scott 4 times, in 1987 -89 and 1991. Seen here in the 2013 Scott on his Gas Gas. – Photo copyright: Neil Sturgeon, Darlington, England.

The course sports 76 observed sections and it is quite usual to see more than one rider in the section at one time, which is a feature of this event. There is at least one observer and also a ‘checker’ who notes only the riders numbers down as they enter the section. There is a team of officials on machines who make sure that all is well and they collect the observers books as soon as the last rider has left the sections. There is a small but very efficient results team back in Reeth who record all the observers scores into a computer for results production. The eventual winner is a closely guarded secret, until revealed at the presentation of awards and as the results are read out on the Saturday evening, you can feel the tension building within the Richmondshire Cricket Club pavilion where the awards ceremony takes place.

JR Sunter 2013 Scott
Fastest man, who set standard time in 2011 was John R. Sunter (Montesa 4RT) seen here in the 2013 Scott. – Photo copyright: Neil Sturgeon, Darlington, England.

And of course on 18th October 2014 the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd will host the celebration of 100 years since Alfred A. Scott organised the very first SCOTT TRIAL.

See you in Swaledale….

2014 - 100 - NS

The Scott Trial winners – Year by Year:

Year Entries Finishers Winner Fastest Rider
1914 14 9 Frank Philip (Scott) Frank Philip
World War I – 1914 to 1918  No Event
1919 74 35 Geoff Hill (Triumph) Geoff Hill
1920 131 64 C.H. ‘Clarrie’ Wood (Scott) Clarrie Wood
1921 50 29 C.H. ‘Clarrie’ Wood (Scott) Clarrie Wood
1922 58 27 Harry Langman (Scott) Billy Moore (Scott)
1923 80 30 E. Mainwaring (Scott) Clarrie Wood (Scott)
1924 90 35 W.H. Clough (Scott) W.H. Clough
1925 117 64 Eddie Flintoff (Sunbeam) A. Jackson (AJS)
1926 134 30 Eddie Flintoff (Sunbeam) W. Evans (Triumph)
1927 145 60 Oliver Langton (Scott) W. Evans (Triumph)
1928 116 51 Eric Langton (Scott) Eddie Flintoff (Sunbeam)
1929 119 97 Vic Brittain (Sunbeam) Eddie Flintoff (Sunbeam)
1930 92 38 Len Heath (Ariel) Allan Jefferies (AJS)
1931 100 63 Vic Brittain (Sunbeam) Stanley Woods (Norton)
1932 94 70 Allan Jefferies (Scott) Allan Jefferies
1933 69 32 Len Heath (Ariel) Len Heath
1934 69 38 Ken Wilson (Panther) Ken Wilson
1935 74 42 Len Heath (Ariel) Allan Jefferies
1936 80 38 Billy Tiffen (Velocette) Allan Jefferies
1937 89 42 Allan Jefferies (Triumph) Allan Jefferies
1938 86 Len Heath (Ariel) W.J. Smith (Levis)
World War II – 1939 to 1945 No Event
1946 137 Bill Nicholson (BSA) Bill Nicholson
1947 147 Bill Nicholson (BSA) Bill Nicholson
1948 100 Jim Alves (Triumph) Jim Alves
1949 137 Bill Nicholson(BSA) Bill Nicholson
1950 195 Bill Nicholson (BSA) Bill Nicholson
1951 178 Bill Nicholson (BSA) Bill Nicholson
1952 169 Johnny Draper (Norton) David Tye (BSA)
1953 156 Arthur Shutt (Frances Barnett) David Tye (BSA)
1954 140 Jeff Smith (BSA) Jeff Smith (BSA)
1955 145 Johnny Brittain (Royal Enfield) Gordon Jackson (AJS)
1956 139 Johnny Brittain (Royal Enfield) Gordon Jackson (AJS)
1957 163 Artie Ratcliffe (Triumph) Brian Stonebridge (Greeves)
1958 178 Sammy Miller (Ariel) Jeff Smith (BSA)
1959 197 Jeff Smith (BSA) Jeff Smith (BSA)
1960 236 Arthur Lampkin (BSA) Jeff Smith (BSA)
1961 180 Arthur Lampkin (BSA) Arthur Lampkin (BSA)
1962 201 Sammy Miler (Ariel) Sammy Miller (Ariel)
1963 223 Sammy Miller (Ariel) Arthur Lampkin (BSA)
1964 183 72 Bill Wilkinson (Greeves) Bill Wilkinson (Greeves)
1965 188 Arthur Lampkin (BSA) Arthur Lampkin (BSA)
1966 193 43 Alan Lampkin (BSA) Arthur Lampkin
1967 184 40 Sammy Miller (Bultaco) Bill Wilkinson (Greeves)
1968 150 46 Sammy Miller (Bultaco) Gordon Farley (Greeves)
1969 176 44 Sammy Miller (Bultaco) Malcolm Rathmell (Greeves)
1970 147 61 Sammy Miller (Bultaco) Alan Lampkin (Bultaco)
1971 185 76 Malcolm Rathmell (Bultaco) Alan Lampkin (Bultaco)
1972 195 Rob Shepherd (Montesa) Rob Shepherd (Montesa)
1973 201 49 Malcolm Rathmell (Bultaco) Malcolm Rathmell (Bultaco)
1974 185 48 Rob Edwards (Montesa) Malcolm Rathmell (Bultaco)
1975 198 44 Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa)
1976 200 53 Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa)
1977 195 60 Martin Lampkin (Bultaco) Martin Lampkin (Bultaco)
1978 183 76 Martin Lampkin (Bultaco) Martin Lampkin (Bultaco)
1979 200 42 Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa)
1980 177 41 Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa)
1981 178 62 Martin Lampkin (SWM) Nigel Birkett (Fantic)
1982 140 50 Martin Lampkin (SWM) Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa)
1983 128 70 Gerald Richardson (Armstrong) Gerald Richardson
1984 152 50 Nigel Birkett (Yamaha) Gerald Richardson (Yamaha)
1985 104 63 Gerald Richardson (Yamaha) Gerald Richardson (Yamaha)
1986 146 78 Tony Scarlett (Yamaha) Philip Anderson (Yamaha)
1986 146 78 Tony Scarlett (Yamaha) Philip Anderson (Yamaha)
1987 164 99 Philip Anderson (Yamaha) Harold Crawford (Yamaha)
1988 151 71 Philip Anderson (Yamaha) Harold Crawford (Yamaha)
1989 148 91 Philip Anderson (Yamaha) Gerald Richardson (Yamaha)
1990 139 65 Robert Crawford (Beta) Philip Anderson (Yamaha)
1991 145 62 Philip Anderson (Yamaha) Philip Anderson (Yamaha)
1992 142 76 Steve Colley (Beta) Wayne Braybrook (Gas Gas)
1993 140 69 Steve Colley (Beta) Robert Crawford (Aprilia)
1994 166 68 Dougie Lampkin (Beta) Dougie Lampkin
1995 142 80 Robert Crawford (Yamaha) Robert Crawford (Yamaha)
1996 129 74 Graham Jarvis (Scorpa) Steve Colley (GasGas)
1997 138 78 Graham Jarvis (Scorpa) Graham Jarvis
1998 147 27 Graham Jarvis (Scorpa) Graham Jarvis
1999 175 76 Graham Jarvis (Bultaco) Wayne Braybrook (Montesa)
2000 195 83 Wayne Braybrook (Montesa) Henry Moorhouse (GasGas)
2001 Foot & Mouth Outbreak UK  No Event
2002 200 86 Michael Philipson (Beta) Ben Hemingway (Beta)
2003 200 83 Graham Jarvis (Sherco) Graham Jarvis
2004 200 68 Graham Jarvis (Sherco) Graham Jarvis
2005 200 78 Graham Jarvis (Sherco) Ian Austermuhle (Beta)
2006 200 80 Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) Dougie Lampkin
2007 200 85 Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) Dougie Lampkin
2008 180 60 Graham Jarvis (Sherco) James Dabill (Montesa)
2009 169 79 Graham Jarvis (Sherco) James Dabill (Montesa)
2010 200 73 James Dabill (GasGas) Michael Brown (Sherco)
2011 210 85 Jonathan Richardson (Sherco) John Sunter (Montesa)
2012 191 71 Michael Brown (GasGas) Michael Brown
2013 200 Dougie Lampkin (GasGas) Jonathan Richardson (Ossa)

18th October 2014 – Who will be the Scott 100 winner?

SCOTT 2012
Photo: Barry Robinson – All Rights Reserved

‘Trials Guru’ wishes to thank the members and committee of the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd; Bruce Storr, Clerk of the Course and his team; and Neil Sturgeon for the use of his images.

SSDT 2014 – The Warm Up Begins!


Scottish Sign Up

Dateline March 2014…

With the event approaching at a rapid rate the Edinburgh & District Motor Club has sent out riding numbers to all the successful entrants for this year’s event. A detailed description of ‘who’s who’ in this annual classic will be issued shortly.

The machine importers who will represent the manufacturers will once again be providing excellent support facilities within the Parc Ferme in Fort William. For this to run as smoothly as possible, they will need riders to register with them for all your requirements before and during the event.

Contact details for all the importers are available, so please make your arrangements with them as soon as possible.

Beta – Tel: 01535 655970 – Mail:

Gas Gas – Tel: 01298 766814 – Mail:

Jotagas – Tel: 01452 849458 – Mail:

Montesa – “Montesa Honda will be providing on-event support at the Scottish Six Days Trial for competitors on Montesa machinery. Any competitors interested in receiving support at the event, opening a parts account prior to the event or interested in machine hire for the duration of the event, please make contact with your local Montesa dealer from the list below”.

Craigs Motorcycles – Tel: 01924 488 117 – Mickey Oates Motorcycles – Tel: 0141 332 7374 – St Blazey Moto-X – Tel: 01726 816 181

Ossa – Tel: 01229 716806 – Mail:

Scorpa – Tel: 01229 716806 – Mail:

Sherco – Tel: 01423 772885 – Mail:

Major Sandy Mack of the British Army will be in charge of re-fueling all the 275 riders at the 2014 SSDT.


YAMAHA TYZ250 – The very first -1992!

Hiro Kamura's Yamaha TYZ 1992

The very first pre-production water-cooled Yamaha TYZ 250 to appear at the Scottish Six Days Trial was this one seen here in May 1992. It was ridden by Yamaha factory technician and test rider HIRO KAMURA. His aim was to test the bike to its’ limits and finish the event which he did in 144th position losing 517 marks. This bike was to effectively replace the, by now, ageing TY250R air-cooled mono-shock Yamaha trials machine, which had proved so popular during its production run from 1984 to 1992. Kamura returned to Japan and fed back useful information to his development colleagues which resulted in the new models launch in early 1993.

Hiro Kamura'92 Creag Lundie

Kamura seen here on Creag Lundie in the 1992 Scottish Six Days on the prototype TYZ Yamaha.

Hiro Kamura'92 Ben Nevis

Hiro Kamura on the TYZ riding the Ben Nevis sections in May 1992.

(All Photos copyright: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven)

Scottish 2014 – Clerk of Course Jeff Horne – Update


SSDT UPDATE 2014 – Clerk of the Course, Jeff Horne


After another few days in the Lochaber area, I can confirm you will be treated to some new and spectacular views along with a new route this year. In addition to this some old favourites will have an extra twist or two, and the introduction of some brand new sections just to keep you on your toes.

Along with a small group of Assistant Clerks we spent a very cold day of snow, hail and rain showers on Saturday preparing new sections that can only be described as a replacement for the old Witches burn and some.

We are scheduled to be back in the area in two weeks to continue where we left off. Bad weather and snow prevented us from carrying on. However this gave us an opportunity to look at some of the existing sections on the Sunday and we will indeed be extending some of them, like we did with some last year. So look out for some minor changes throughout the week.

I can also confirm that permission has been granted for the trial to use the Achlain group of sections for the first time since the early 90s. For those of you that can remember them, they may bring back fond memories or nightmares.

We will be publishing a comprehensive list of riders along with an editorial mentioning some of the riders taking part very soon.

Jeff Horne

Clerk of Course, SSDT

SSDT 2014 coming soon…



Fantic - Saffron
A touch of glamour…Model ‘Saffron’ tries local Fort William rider Gary MacLennan’s Fantic out for size…keep tuned to Trials Guru for pre-trial updates for this years’ Scottish Six Days!
SSDT 2014 Advert
Also coming soon, a special page all about the Scottish, past & present… all from Trials Guru…
Alexz Wigg'07 Leanachan
ALEXZ WIGG in SSDT action 2007 on his Gas Gas at Leanachan (Photo: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven)

Don’t miss it…the Scottish Six Days Trial – 5 – 10 May, 2014.

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